Tuesday, September 2, 2008

4> Here is My Idea of PRT

Notice the doubly articulated swing arm. This enables steep, even vertical ascension and dissention, as well as speedy, tight turns and rapid starts and stops. An adjustable hydraulic mechanism (similar to a door-closer) would dampen the swinging movement.


A Transportation Enthusiast said...

Very similar to Mist-er PRT, which is a suspended design that also features steep climbing and an actively damped hinge.

Dave.Smith.TO said...

I like the idea of hanging cars that come down to ground level. This provides accessibility to everyone without needing to have elevators at every station.

However, how would you ensure the way is kept clear of people and objects. Some kind of barrier would be necessary.

Bengt Gustafsson said...

Note that to avoid nausea you would have to dampen the swinging movements which otherwise occur for instance after leaving a curve. This causes significant torsional force on the wheel carriage, which your and many other systems don't seem able to handle given the suggested wheel layout and track width. With a supported system like ULTra or Vectus the wheel base has been chosen to be able to handle curves and crosswinds without toppling, but designing a wide wheel base suspended system is not so easy although Cabinentaxi did exactly this.